Earn Pay Per Click . Com


Earn Pay Per Click . Com

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In today's competitive world when Internet has revolutionized the business, every business is fighting to attract the majority of the customers. In order to make their online presence, businesses are choosing a suitable domain name which gives them the maximum returns. Domain name acquisition is extremely important and can turn out a very profitable venture as businesses are looking for valuable domain names every day.


For this, they are ready to pay millions of dollars and buy the suitable name reflecting their business or brand credibility. Hence the parties selling the domain names stand to gain from these transactions. The sellers of these names are making fortune. They first acquire domain name and then sell the name to the big companies.













Below is a list of the 21 most expensive domain names sold.


1. Fund.com, $9.99 million


2. Porn.com, $9.5 million


3. Diamonds.com, $7.5 million


4. Toys.com, $5.1 million


5. Vodka.com, $3 million


6. CreditCards.com, $2.75 million


7. Computers.com, $2.1 million


8. Seniors.com, $1.8 million


9. DataRecovery.com, $1.66 million


10. Cameras.com, $1.5 million


11. Tandberg.com, $1.5 million


12. Business.com $7.5 million


13.  AsSeenOnTv.com $5.1 million


14.  Altavista.com $3.3 million


15.  Wine.com $2.9 million


16.  Autos.com $2.2 million


17.  Express.com $1.8 million


18.  Wallstreet.com $1 m


19.  Rock.com $1 m


20.  Websites.com $970,000


21.  Drugs.com $830,000


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